Hungry Berry
logo & key visual

Our task for the new catering brand from Warsaw was to design a logo, Key Visual and website. The brand’s philosophy is to ensure that the meals are varied and the dishes are not repeated in a given month. Every day with Hungry Berry is different. If there is soup for dinner one day, you can be sure that the next day it will be something else! Naming and Strategy: Natalia Soszyńska

Brand idea The brand’s target group are primarily young women who care about their health and figure, in particular those who want to lose weight, suffer from diet-related diseases and young mothers. Such a determinant primarily determined the atmosphere of the projects: aesthetic, pleasant and inviting projects. Geometry, fruit, nature and, of course, berries – these are visual elements that we have visually combined into a whole.

The main message

“You live, we provide you with fuel and joy!” – we conveyed this positive, energetic message through many visual elements – “feminine” colors, “tasty” and modern logos. The visual language is also based on a set of icons that can be used on many levels – both online and offline.

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