In the process of designing the identity for the Ziemann Home Decor brand. We were also asked to build a Key Visual – a visual idea for a printed catalog or advertisements.

Concept and idea

We prepared a concept based on artistic collages where we referred to classical art, halos that appear in the images of saints and some kind of abstract associations.

Elements of visual

We selected elements in colors for selected pictures of furniture
and textures of gold, photos associated with freedom, exclusivity, uniqueness or vintage photos.


We relied on the typography chosen for identification: the sans-serif two-element Minerva Modern and the timeless Futura from the Adobe Fonts suite. In our original concept the titles were to be written in one or the other typeface depending on the vision of a given form of collage.

Color panel

We relied on broken dark bottle green and gold from visual identification. We chose broken pastel colors based on the aesthetics of photos and textures.

Final perception

We wanted to rely on the collage form because in the initial phase the client did not have any arrangement photos of the furniture. In our opinion thi project is something very original, unusual and referring to artistic or painting forms has emerged.

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