The widespread belief that each of us is different and sees beauty in various aspects of everyday life.This has resulted in many styles and collections of Ziemann Home Decor furniture. Wood is a unique and luxurious material thanks to which they express their passions and inspirations.

New quality

We had the honor to close the client’s vision and inspiration in the projects of sign redesign, visual identification, catalogs, website and other elements of visual language.

Luxury and uniqueness

In visual identification, we took into account the high quality of papers matched to the entire visual language and cold gold embossed with foil.

Personalized designs for each element

In the concept of this identification we focused on every necessary element – also on the labels that will hang on furniture in showrooms.

Visual identification concept

We used shades of two colors: gold and green. They are associated with royal colors and luxury. We selected sans serif two-element typography in two alternative versions. The whole thing was based on the grid resulting from the signet and we built layouts around it.

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